Sunday, April 27, 2014

Steyer Contradicts Administration on Keystone

Tom Steyer, a Democratic version of the Koch Brothers, told Bill Maher the following on the Keystone pipeline after a question from Maher:
That's a good thing, right, postponing that indefinitely? Did you have something to do with that?
TOM STEYER: No. I think the president made a decision that he wanted to get all the information before he made a decision. There is no route right now through Nebraska because the way that they defined the route has been ruled by a judge to be illegal. So it's being appealed to the Nebraska Supreme Court. And so realistically the president said, 'I can't approve a route that doesn't exist. I'm going to wait until it exists, when all of the information is in and then I'll make a considered opinion when the time comes.' I thought it was a very natural thing for the president to do.
The problem with that statement is that the White House denies they made any decision at all on Keystone; that it was John Kerry's State Department that delayed it:

Yet Carney is contradicting reports from February that said Obama himself would decide on Keystone in a few months. So when talking to governors back then it was Obama's call; when talking to the press after the decision has been made it was Kerry's call.  When explaining the delay now it's not about politics, when explaining the delay back in 2012 it was about politics.  Does anyone in the press believe this crap? 

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