Saturday, April 19, 2014

What's Not in the Clinton Document Dumps

Another round of documents oozed out of the Clinton Library last night, openly admitted as a 'document dump' by the WaPo.  Thing is, there's not much there there.

Most of the stuff that has emerged so far in the several dumps has been in the nothingburger category, or even positive for the Clintons.  Yeah, it's interesting to hear Clinton staffers worried and mused about how the press might see this or that, and granted, this was funny:
Among a long list of interview ideas, Caputo suggested Clinton do a "television magazine" show and offered Maria Shriver as interviewer. She said the segment should show Clinton "doing it all" - working on health care, picking out flowers for state dinner and include b-roll of "you attending one of Chelsea's soccer games or making a run to the local supermarket."
Who wouldn't want to see Hillary going to Wal Mart to pick up some generic cereal and a pair of mom jeans for Bill?  And why Arnold's wife would have been considered a go-to friendly source who would have accommodated such a ruse is left to conspiracy theorists.  But this is all known--every administration tries to finagle the press and public for image.  Sometimes the press obliges, sometimes they don't.  Usually based on R and D.

But what hasn't been seen, or reported on at least, are any bombshell documents/emails pertaining to the biggest story that emerged from the 90s--growing Islamic terrorism.  For a president who claimed to have 'done more than anyone' to kill bin Laden and destroy AQ there seems to be a dearth of emails being released on the subject.  Nothing also on staffer thoughts about Saddam Hussein, who was bombed regularly, or TWA800, which Clinton told historian Taylor Branch some months later that it could have been done by Iran because 'they want war'.

Will there be any emails released about how the coverage of the 1993 WTC bombing might have been affected by the ATF's raid on the Branch Davidian compound one day later and how that might have taken media coverage (and a spotlight on Clinton's response to finding the perps) away from a focus on international terrorism over to more comfortable domestic issue?  Oklahoma City was mentioned, but only insofar as Gore contributing a piece to Clinton's 1996 State of the Union address, not about how sleazebag Dick Morris might have influenced Clinton to blame it on Rush Limbaugh. Nothing about the disputed notion of Clinton being offered UBL by the Sudan in 1996.

Speaking of Sudan, how about some emails about whether the bombing of the pharmaceutical plant in Khartoum in 1998, sold to the public by implicating Saddam's scientists as in cahoots with bin Laden to produce VX nerve gas, would play in the media to possibly distract from Lewinskygate.   

Or will all the good stuff remain classified to protect national security?  Maybe somebody could pay Sandy Berger to make another trip to the Archives with some baggy socks. 


LA Sunset said...

McCloud, your skepticism precedes you. That was an Islamic Jihadist Aspirin factory that was manufacturing a blood thinning agent that could have caused us all to bleed to death, if the contents had been used against us.

Right Truth said...

All the good stuff will remain under lock and key.

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

MSNBC was attacking Jeb Bush through the New York Times this evening, saying he was rich and had a lot of connections and served on the board of companies including Lehman Bros.

As if this doesn't describe the Billary machine sans connections to the Chi-comms.

But they must feel like they've destroyed Christie with their 3 months of non-stop coverage, so time to move on.