Friday, April 11, 2014

Carney Should Know

Jay Carney is the defender of all things Obama, including the president's disingenuous "war on women" featuring "income inequality" as it's main plank.  The prez keeps referring to the 77 cents on a dollar figure, the comparison of female to male income in the country, to hammer Republicans, ie, they don't want to close this unfair gap between the sexes.

This despite Politifact calling it "mostly false" in 2012 and one of his own staffers recently apologizing for using it.

But leave it to the press to try to maintain the general image of the happy, income balanced Carney home while inadvertently giving away a key underpinning of the bogus 77 cents figure:  women tend to work less than men..
Shipman works part-time now for ABC News, something she’s done for five years, which has given her more flexibility to write and hang out with her children. Flexibility, she says, is what most working mothers really want.
So,  as Jay Carney stands at the podium lecturing and hectoring the GOP for being unfair to the womynz his own family life provides an example of why he's full of macaca.

That's completely aside from the general inappropriateness of ABC allowing Mrs Carney to continue working for their network while her husband represents the head of the Democratic Party, but such is not breaking news.   

?!   4/11/14

The phantom pinkie in the picture accompanying this post.  Also, who doesn't notice the Soviet pictures on the wall of the Carney domicile.  Likely on purpose to get a rise out of the conspiracy minded conservatives or just because they were cool?  


Right Truth said...

Those Soviet pictures in Carney's house were just weird.

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

Yeah, I can see saving them as relics of the Soviet era since him and wifey worked over there, but hanging them on the wall of the kitchen?