Friday, April 18, 2014

Aviation Update

Drudge is pointing to this Daily Mail story with angst..
A new photo of a mysterious flying object over Kansas has been revealed. It appears to be the same aircraft as one that was snapped soaring over Texas last month. The exact identify of the aircraft remains a mystery, but rumours abound that it could be a secret jet.
Here's the Daily Mail photo:

Now, here's a few photos of a United States B2 bomber:

Seems pretty close to me.  The wingspan on today's photo doesn't look like the one the Daily Mail claims is the secret aircraft.  B2 bombers are stationed at Whiteman AFB near Knob Knoster, MO, so seeing one in Kansas would hardly be shocking.

MORE  4/20/14

Some have said it appears the picture up top shows a smooth trailing edge to the flying V, as opposed to the B2 which is jagged.   That's apparent when looking closely at blowups of the pic.  Part of the uncertainty is the high altitude at which this plane is flying along with the camera zoom needed to capture it.  The contrails line up with the B2's engine position, the wingspan appears similar, the region is close to the B2's home base.  But if the trailing edge is indeed smooth (and this isn't an illusion created by atmospheric conditions or photography effects) then obviously it could be a new model.

The next question would be, whose new model?   

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