Thursday, December 20, 2007

The circular blame game

Many are rightfully upset that a sitting US Congressman would make such a claim about US troops:
.."sure there's less violence but that's because we've ethnically cleansed Baghdad"
In other words, the leftist circular logic goes something like this--violence is down because we killed everyone. If the violence were not down, it would be because we hadn't killed everyone yet. And by the way, we started all the violence.

This dullard needs to be reminded about this man and proxy punks such as these.

But never mind, let's play this game ourselves. "Had we not invaded and started all the ethnic cleansing in Iraq the Iranians would have continued their nuclear weapons program unabated." Or maybe, "had Saddam not dabbled with the terrorists we wouldn't have started all the ethnic cleansing". But wait, that would still leave the Iranians and Libyans with nuke programs in 2003. Darn.

OK, "had the Golden Mosque never have been built Jim Moran would still be an idiot". There.

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