Sunday, December 02, 2007

Truthiness in outrage

Just the other day an NBC reporter referred to our Decider-in-Chief as a "monkey".


In days of yore, like about 25 years ago, journalists tried very hard to hide their liberal leanings. For example, who knew Walter Cronkite was actually a moonbat? Suppressing his feelings obviously took a herculean effort, something worthy of another award.

Yet the NBC reporter who let slip the chimpster comment simply had to apologize and everything instantly became sweetness and light. That she wasn't fired really says something.

Heck, she was only practicing monkey see, monkey do. Helen Thomas can say pretty much anything she wants and is completely beyond any apologies. One has to wonder how far she could go without being yanked? For instance, would calling Bush a warmongering, draft dodgering, planet roastering, child hating hillbilly elicit outrage or just another reason she should get a raise?

As many have pointed out, this outrage comes amidst a veil of conventional wisdom that says Bush has systematically removed our freedoms by fighting terrorists whom he helped to create. It's funny that many of these same free-speaking folks have also accused him of bullying Chavez and provoking the Muslim freedom fighters, folks who would not think twice about providing our intrepid journalists with their own personal secret prison cell.

But it's not just Bush. A week ago a noose was found hanging in a Baltimore firehouse, yet another stunning symbol of racism and hatred. As we found in Jena, white people tend to hang nooses, and using a calculator it can be proven that most Republicans are white. Jesse and Al say these events only show why we need more civil rights marches. Here's what the local Baltimore NAACP leader had to say:
"We know there's been racial issues with the Baltimore City Fire Department, but this has reached the final level," Burris said. "Because whoever perpetrated it, whether they know it or not, this has reached the level of a federal hate crime.
Hmmm. Wonder if they'll continue to pursue this hate crime now?

Nah. Embarrassing twists in stories like these usually hit the newsroom round file faster than a candy wrapper (unless someone uses the fake but accurate angle). After all, the next Republican-forced outrage is ever-looming, a train that must be derailed at all costs, no matter what means are used.

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