Friday, December 14, 2007

This time it counts

As if we needed any more evidence of America's slow rotation down the proverbial sewer pipe of greed. The Mitchell steroid report is sad for baseball, for America, and for American kids. Those who grew up in a generation where Gaylord Perry represented cheating didn't realize how good they had it.

The old saying "follow the money" surely applies here but it's also probably a dose of ego and selfishness to boot. Why quit and become a car salesman when there's a pharmaceutical alternative? It's the American way. Perhaps some might even equate their choices with those of illegal aliens who broke the law to come to America and do the jobs we won't do for the same money. Everything is relative.

Ah, but no worries for you old-schoolers worried about things like integrity, the very same circusmaster who allowed this show has promised to get tough on his rogue clowns now. No more naivete, this time it counts. This time things are going to change.

Uh, right. The best thing Selig could do would be to announce his immediate resignation as Commissioner immediately after appointing a real one.

PS, the leaked initial report from WNBC New York naming Albert Pujols and the late Darryl Kile as members of the steroid club was beyond obscene. Those names were then inadvertently dragged through the mud on a local Memphis station "Sports 56" this afternoon (and elsewhere) before the report was corrected. Sounds like a conspiracy, like maybe some low-life Big Apple payback for 2006. Cardinal Nation will never forget Yadier Molina!

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