Friday, December 14, 2007

Living up to their potential

The Reid-Pelosi Congress is clearly the biggest joke to hit DC since the Jib Jab videos. They've essentially achieved nothing but failure and fluff, reflected nicely by their approval ratings.

Who can forget Pelosi traveling to Syria against the wishes of the State Department; or Reid proclaiming the Iraq war was lost; or members of the chamber roasting the very same General they'd unanimously approved as the commander in Iraq; or flapping wildly but failing to do anything about the war itself; or completely failing to pass the required government budgets that will perhaps soon lead to a government shutdown. Remember how the mainstream media treated Newt when he threatened to do the same in the 90s?

It's a shrill a minute with these folks. The other day Pelosi channeled Howard Dean and said Republicans "like this war". Today we learn that the House has passed a new bill funding intelligence agencies that might as well be called "the Terrorist Protection Act of 2007".

Not only did it ban most everything outside Geneva for handling those who'd just as soon destroy the very structure the law was passed within, but it also included a strange caveat--the intel services would be forbidden from spending 70 percent of their budget until Congress is briefed on what happened in that mysterious Israeli raid on the suspected Syrian nuke plant back in September.

Well now. Such a move could easily telegraph that the raid was actually something quite significant and perhaps negate whatever advantage we might have gained from it. Not surprising, since we know many in the port party secretly believe the real enemy is Bush, not the terrorists or rogue dictators (which the CIA created). Need any more evidence the Democrats are the "Mommy Party" on steroids?

Not to lay all blame at the feet of the Donkeys. Perhaps no event more illustrates the childishness of the entire body more than the House's failure to unanimously pass a symbolic resolution on the role Christianity and Christmas after earlier doing so for Ramadan and Hindu Diwali. Some apparently believe such trivialities matter to the man on the street. Dude, we already know that Jim McDermott wasn't even in favor of going into Afghanistan. But don't worry, Chuck Schumer knows what's important about Christmas--protecting us from harmful Christmas trees!

To top it off, while the government remains unfunded Harry Reid says he might pull his recess stunt again by having Jim Webb stroll past the Senate once or twice a week and opening and closing a mock session to keep Bush from making appointments the Congress won't. A Congress of one, in effect.

Essentially the level of productivity wouldn't be much different than current full sessions and yes, had the Republicans used that trick the level of outrage would have reached an all-time high. But in a way it serves as a fine testament to the state of the country at large.

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