Friday, December 21, 2007

Hark, the savior of America

In this time of year when Christians are celebrating the birth of a savior, Bill Clinton seems to have another savior in mind:
The three "very, very profound challenges" facing the country, Clinton said, were growing inequality between rich and poor, terrorism and other sectarian violence, and global warming. And only Hillary Clinton, he said, had the vision, the plans and the record of getting results to respond the right way. He urged his audience to vote for her for the sake of themselves and their children. "This is your life," he said. "This is about you."
Catch that reference to "the children"? What was old is new again! And good gravy, talk about fearmongering. Here we thought only the Republicans were capable of such things, what with their constant reminders of actual attacks like 9/11.

But let's see if we can speculate on Hillary's plans:

1. Growing inequality between rich and poor. That's code talk for income redistribution, aka tax increases on the rich. Who are the rich? Probably anyone who works.

2. Terrorism and other sectarian violence. And Hillary has the unique experience to fight these people? Well, after all, she did get a close-up view of the failed strategy of the 90s and has asked Sandy Berger to help out. So there ya go.

3. Global warming. This is really is a multi-faceted political gem. The term can mean anything from overbearing government restrictions to confiscatory taxes, government intrusion into private lives, the squelching of individual liberties (it's for the good of the planet, just like the Patriot Act was good for America), or a stepping stone to international internationalism.

Very enlightening. The crowd reaction was also interesting, at least from the one gentleman the WaPo interviewed who provided a hint as to why people might vote for Hillary:
Hillary Clinton was best prepared for it, he said, because "she's been around the halls of power, and I'm assuming she sat in a lot of [Bill Clinton's] meetings, and that there was a lot of pillow talk...She's been exposed to a lot of what Bill was, and she inherits his infrastructure."
Other than the obvious notion that his example represents a quasi unethical attempt to circumvent term limits, this is certainly code talk for "Bill will also be there". Wink, wink.

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