Saturday, December 15, 2007

The world according to Huck, and Mahmoud

Drudge is headlining Mike Huckabee's remarks about how arrogant the Bush foreign policy has been and how he'd make it kinder and gentler. Meanwhile, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad appears in the latest edition of Newsweek to provide an enemy op-ed, whereupon he basically says the same thing about Bush's foreign policy.

Those with cream-of-wheat for brains might be tempted to believe the Iranian madman's regime is really full of peace-loving Persians who'd never think to harm a sand flea if not for George W. Bush. Reminding them of this, and this, and this (for starters) is pointless. For that reason, and because it's laughable propaganda, Mahmouds's words are not worth quoting.

No, the story here is not Newsweek's decision to let the leader of a country involved in funding terrorism and killing American troops smear BS all over it's pages, it's the odd parallel between his expressed worldview and that of candidate Huckabee. The "other man from Hope" might want to get out there and clarify himself a bit. If he doesn't, Fred surely will.

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