Sunday, May 17, 2009

Biden Blows Secret Location

VP Biden has apparently blown the cover of a Vice Presidential 'secret location', at least one of them:
Ever wonder about that secure, undisclosed location where Dick Cheney secreted himself after the 9/11 attacks? Joe Biden reveals the bunker-like room is at the Naval Observatory in Washington, where Cheney lived for eight years and which is now home to Biden. The veep related the story to his head-table dinner mates when he filled in for President Obama at the Gridiron Club earlier this year.
Actually the veil has been lifting ever since the Emperor left DC, which was the same day Google Maps/Earth unfuzzed its photo of the Naval Observatory.

Well, it's nice that a man so prone to verbal gaffes can laugh at concepts like the continuity of government. Or maybe we should hope number two in succession is just crazy like a fox.

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