Sunday, May 24, 2009

Madame Bond Girl

This RNC ad is causing all kinds of consternation:

It's a given that many Democrat politicos are happy with the innuendo because it represents a rope thrown to them by the RNC and a chance to go back on the attack. The conservative debate is more interesting. Allahpundit has apparently gone into a cage match with Darleen at Protein Wisdom and others over the wisdom of this...I agree with Allah here.

Everyone knows there's a double standard in play. It's not going away any time soon. Certainly the RNC knows, or should have after the Magic Negro flap, but they appear either tone deaf or outright suicidal, unless they were deliberately trying to provoke outrage so one of their own moderates could stand up and look moderate (is this him?). Not sure Steele is that conniving, but it would be a play to the target audience here--moderates, whether they were targeted or not.

And that's the perspective that needs to be understood here. Unless they were preaching to the choir for donations the crux of the Pelosi flap was the disgust over a House Speaker lying over a national security issue for political gain. So the counter is a childish schoolyard reference, or the perception thereof? Great. The Bond theme without Galore would have been fine--it was clever. Maybe it doesn't go viral but what good is a viral video if it backfires? Surely the Sunday talking heads will appreciate the backdrop for their interviews with General Powell.

There is one consolation here. The RNC shrewdly released this after Madame Speaker said she'd have no further comment on the issue. Now, if she comments it'll represent a further comment and the press (Fox and Tapper) can fire away again. So there's your silver lining, such as it is.

MORE 5/24/09

The old guard was on TV today knocking down the twin bogeymen Cheney and Limbaugh. General Powell claims he's still a RINO, reminding us he voted for both JFK and Carter. Too bad Bob Schieffer didn't go into how he felt about the Carter vote as compared to his recent decision.

The General keeps harping on the need for a big tent but apparently his tent is too small for religious conservatives like Palin or even a man partially responsible for the Republican victories of the 90s. So exactly what would Powell's circus look like? Would it stand for bigger government, as he recently suggested? If so, how is that an adherence to any form of Reblicanism known to mankind?

Those so willing can take a journey with me to explore some of his reasons for supporting Barack Obama:
"And I come to the conclusion that because of his ability to inspire, because of the inclusive nature of his campaign, because he is reaching out all across America, because of who he is and his rhetorical abilities — and you have to take that into account — as well as his substance — he has both style and substance, he has met the standard of being a successful president, being an exceptional president."
In other words, symbolism over substance, because Obama didn't have much substance. One could say Powell was only playing an angle--that he knows today's politicians aren't judged on who they are, but who they appear to be (otherwise Nancy Pelosi would be back on the Berkeley teaching circuit right now). But does he really think that fancy oratory is a primary requirement for a president over and above the real substance that McCain embodied?

As to campaign details, recall his thoughts on the mention of William Ayers:
"Sen. McCain says he a washed-up old terrorist — then why does he keep talking about him?" Powell asked.
Funny, since it darn near took a court order to get McCain to acknowledge him. He was hiding from the media and the Obama campaign was disenginuous about their relationship. As Powell admitted, Ayers was an issue, yet it was only after Palin brought him up on the stump that McCain relented. Powell did not need to come down on the side of the Marxist in that spat. The fact he did suggests there was an emotional reaction to the bashing of Obama.

More specifically as to Sarahcuda:
And the party has moved even further to the right, and Gov. Palin has indicated a further rightward shift."
What, by taking on members of her own party in Alaska or spreading the state's oil wealth? Those aren't exactly old-style moves. Perhaps the small town comment really got under his skin or maybe he even took it as racist, which would represent another emotional reaction. Or maybe it was convenient.
"This Powell endorsement is the nail in the coffin," said one Republican official, speaking anonymously to offer candid thoughts about the party's nominee. "Not just because of him, but the indictment he laid out of the McCain campaign."
Indeed, it was a devastating public jab. But it's not as if the General had no motive for the throwing the sucker punch.

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