Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Sotomayor Strategy

Obama has issued a challenge to the right--oppose my SCOTUS candidate or else. Another shocking veiled threat from the scrawny but tough kid from Chicago. Anyone who doesn't take a man seriously who's backed by a media apparatus consisting of Comedy Central, the late night shows, the mainstream media, liberal bloggers, HBO and Hollywood, several major newspapers, several periodicals, college professors and all but one of the View ladies are utter fools.

It appears he's trying to position the judge as the entire Latin vote, setting up a scenario where if the right bashes her they bash all Latinos, losing the chance to ever gain power again. It's a pick your battles moment with Obama poised to win either way.

Ms. Sotomayor may not be a token but she represents a thank you card to the nearly 70 percent of Latinos who swallowed Obama's hopenchange despite his horrible stance on abortion, unsupportive comments about the church and his wink-wink disapproval of gay marriage. An unspoken part of that dynamic are the undocumented illegals, who probably hope they'll one day be able to vote for the One.

Here's a video from 2007 suggesting amnesty might be on the way. We also know the Judge is purportedly a member of the National Council on La Raza, a group who supports a liberal immigration policy. Obama has ties--he used a waiver on his lobbying rules to hire Cecilia Munoz, a former VP of the NCLR. As most bloggers and internet geeks know the La Raza movement has been rumored to have shadowy ties to groups like MECHa, brought to us by some very, shall we say, interesting web sites:
Believers in the Aztlan legend insist upon the indivisibility of "La Raza" and their common goals, one of them being the need to abolish the border between the U.S. and Mexico. There is a myriad of Raza college newspaper. Some are El Popo, Aztlan News, Chispas, Gente de Aztlan (UCLA), Voz Fronteriza (U.C. San Diego), La Voz Mestiza (U.C. Irvine) and La Voz Berkeley. It is not uncommon for the writers of these publications to refer to the U.S., as "AmeriKKKa."

Rhetoric by some Chicano educators strongly suggest Communist or Socialist leanings.
Not sure when this was written but the KKK America thing certainly jumps out. Dismiss it as rantings of a xenophobic crank--the NCLR web site denies they are affiliated with MECHa or any other open borders movement--instead heralding the financial backing of several large corporations. But wouldn't backings by the government and corporations be an even shadier endorsment? The National Chamber of Commerce is a mouthpiece for cheap labor.

Last night in Los Angeles Obama barked,
I want her confirmed, I want her walking up those noble steps and starting to provide some justice!
'Justice', 'empathy', code words. Obama is currently bathing in the warm light of the new diversity and part of that is reveling in some 200+ year payback. Part is tearing down the opposition--which he learned in Chicago--and part is grabbing new voting blocks like Hispanics. He's been so successful at change it's producing a new cockiness that includes outright dares as he proceeds to kneecap the GOP. So, what are they to do?

Well, they can cower in fear and allow him define their racist guilt. Or they can speak out and have it crammed down their old white throats, every comment dressed as if it came from Rush Cheney himself. And it will succeed.

Or, the GOP can try to salvage something by pushing for Colin Powell to be their point man on this. He says he's still in the party and he can't be called a racist. And the left just got through elevating him, meaning he's got capital. Even if he were to side with Sotomayor it might be a winner just by allowing him to further define himself. If he refuses to speak that's another data point for down the road, and if he comes out against her it'll hold a lot more weight than something from the titular head of the party.

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