Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Geopolitical Correctness

This is one of those stories that knocks the political correctness ball so far out of the park that's it almost too good to check...
Born and raised in Mozambique and now a naturalized U.S. citizen, Serodio, 45, has filed a lawsuit against a New Jersey medical school, claiming he was harassed and ultimately suspended for identifying himself during a class cultural exercise as a "white African-American."
It's a juicy example of how silly it is to use geographic regions to identify race--if correct. The story is being told by his lawyer so we might not be getting the full picture. Maybe the guy also had a "W" sticker on his car or something.

But regardless of whether we have all the facts, it's not hard to imagine a few college kids being offended by such a blasphemous construct in this day and age. Matter of fact the complainer could have very well been a white person. Wonder if the same folks might be similarly offended when the wife of the 2004 Democratic nominee for president and another former resident of Mozambique supposedly identified herself as an African-American as well?

It's not rocket science. Let's see, immigrant from Africa, naturalized US citizen, yep, African-American. Why would ABC need to call the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People to get the definition? And Lord, why would they even try to answer (they didn't)?

Anyway, with all the silliness going around all I can think of is this...

Don't ask me why.


Darth Rob said...

Good Post. People get so sensitive over words. It amazes me how little it takes to hurt a person these days, they got no toughness. They've lost that ability to insult back. If I call you a blankety blank, you should just call me a blankety blank. Not go get lawyered up. This poor mans story just proves how ignorant and over-sensitive most Americans are.

A.C. McCloud said...

Sticks and stones. Amazing how we've lost all the old sayings.