Sunday, May 24, 2009

iPhones and Teh Torture

Here's CNN presumably providing a propaganda outlet to a former Taliban propaganda guy:
"It was a bad stain on American history," he said. "If they are closing Guantanamo for justice, they have to bring the people who are torturing people, who abuse people, to justice."
While the left might say "toldja so" the right probably thinks the world is near its end when ex-Taliban members start lecturing the USA on human rights violations. Yet Bush let this guy go in 2005. Why? Well, here's a potential answer:
Though he is no longer a Taliban member, many see him as an unofficial mediator between the government and the Taliban.
Maybe some people are more useful in the field than in lockup. Maybe that's why he found his freedom, such that it is. Anyway, with Obama in power the international language is now Bush's torture not Taliban torture, so he's probably just working the table. Who knows, he might even be in Obama's Blackberry since they both like the new technology.

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