Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ford and the New Standard

Obama will announce today an acceleration of the MPG targets Congress had originally set for 2020, moving America towards a national standard for the first time ever. Most will see this as good and long overdue. The MPG will have to increase anyway to offset the fact the Democrats won't let anyone drill here and now.

But from the sound of this statement, Ford sees this move partially for its implied threat:
"We are pleased that President Obama is taking decisive and positive action as we work together toward one national standard for vehicle fuel economy and greenhouse gas emissions that will be good for the environment and the economy," Ford said in a statement.
As if they've been slogging hard towards this goal for years. Such rank pandering is normally reserved for third world types. Then again, surely GM and Chrysler's reply was "yes sir" "thank you sir, may I have another", so Ford has that going for 'em.

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