Saturday, May 23, 2009

What's That Plane

No one ran for cover, it was more like "hey look Cletus, a plane is heading for the Pyramid! Grab the handycam." Turns out it wasn't an unannounced part of Memphis in May, rather the local Homeland Security office was testing a defense system here in river city. Why Memphis?
Homeland Security Program Manager Kerry Wilson says they picked Memphis because they wanted to test the equipment in a real world environment where the systems would have to operate amidst technological "clutter."
Well yes, because Memphis is not only the home of Elvis and barbecue, but technological clutter. Everyone knows that! It couldn't have anything to do with the homespun jihadists just busted in New York with a fake Stinger or the Scare Force One event. But they chose well--the story made nary a national ripple as it unfolded Friday afternoon.

The test plane had DHL markings, a tad ironic here in the home of Federal Express. Hopefully Fred Smith didn't take it personally. But probably not, since they are a part of the test.

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