Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Dumparama

It was certainly a good day for dumping. Documents, that is. Two items hit the late news wires--the released White House visitor logs and the Cheney FBI interview (about Valerie Plame). Oh, and of course that other trivial thing earlier in the day. Feel free to question the timing.

The logs are interesting but the Cheney interview will more distract the lefty beast. Darth used the ole "I do not recall" weasel answer a lot in his FBI interview, which lawyers instruct clients to use when faced with a formidable question where anything less than a perfect recall can spell trouble (or if they want to lie, whichever). So the left will have their field day.

Oh, and of course we can all count on the Obama-approved AP to not mention Richard Armitage again.....

Firefox's control-F function is so neat! But hey, Joe the VP called Cheney "irrelevant" today so it's time to move on, Firedoglake.

As to the visitor logs, a ticklish subject since administrations should be able to get unvarnished advice from people without the worry of a news story (and wild speculation) the next day. Even today there was wild speculation. HuffPo was initially in a huff about the list, which showed a bunch of names that sounded like CEOs from Wall St. while the right was ripped about people named Bill Ayers, Malik Shabazz, Rev Jeremiah Wright, George Soros, and Michael Jordan. Well, nobody was really ripped about MJ, just curious.

Allahpartypooper was quick to shoot down any Friday fun with this--according to the White House there are false positives--people with the same names as the famous folks who were just there on tours but got swept up in the request. The White House site seems to back up that explanation, with the Ayers name part of a group of 220+ people on a tour. Or maybe that's how they had to get him in, then he snuck away from the group later! Just kidding, of course, apparently like Christopher Andersen's book. Ayers hardly knew Obama and he was forced to launch O's career in his living room.

But there are no mistakes about SEIU Andy Stern and John "Center for American Progress" Podesta (and his lobbyist family). Speaking of CAP, no hits for anyone visiting Van Jones either.

MORE 10/30/09

The dump was bigger than I gave it credit. Also included were the Stimulus jobs 'saved or created' (the corniest political stunt in the history of stunts but accepted by the Obama -approved media) and another instance of the administration invoking State Secrets. It's interesting that after the Zazi arrest (and several others) the TSP program is suddenly not so draconian under the new owners.

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Debbie said...

"False Positives"... Yeah right.

I've been away from the computer most of yesterday and today.

Trying to help hubby the Grouch get a 233 pound generator off the truck and on to our screened porch. Looking forward to a bad winter here in Tennessee, as I assume you are.

This replaces our crank generator. This one has a push button starter, something that is easy for my puny "bug muscles' to start.

Trying to get the leaves cleared away while the monsoon rains continue to flow.

I'm so sick of everything that is going on with the Obama administration, I could just puke.

I'm having a margarita, maybe two, or three, trying to forget all that is wrong with this country now.

Tomorrow is Halloween. Trick or Treat.... The Trick is on us. Or more precisely on all that voted for Obama.

Deborah F. Hamilton
Right Truth