Sunday, October 11, 2009

Play Snowball!

28 degrees and they're finally playing baseball in Denver. Mercy, they're gonna have to make those fans honorary football fans now. Meanwhile as Cardinal blues settle over the heartland it's been cool here as well following a cool, rainy summer.

Good thing Obama's being pressured to do something about this pesky climate change, and fast..
The Nobel committee's announcement Friday that Obama won the Peace Prize was a fresh reminder that much of the world expects him to lead the way toward a global climate pact. The committee cited his "more constructive role in meeting the great climatic challenges."
Suddenly three hard liberals and two moderates on the Nobel Committee speak for the entire world? Who knew! Notice they seem to be using Chicago politics on Obama as well, wanting something out of their award, which is more than a tad ironic. As this was occurring another Nobel Laureate, the infamous Dr. No (debate), is still trying to cool the planet singlehandedly by fending off scientific sunshine.

What's a man of peace prize to do? Well, this story also came out of Colorado over the weekend so maybe Obama better stick with health care for now....or at least until American Indian Summer kicks in.

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