Friday, October 02, 2009

Off to Denmark

Well, the sacrificing seems to be going well. Only a few more hours of suffering to go.

As for Barack's trip, I realize other heads of state have stepped into the fray over the past few years to get the Olympics but dammit Jim, this is America. Since when do we have to beg?

Besides, isn't it just maybe a tad ostentatious for an American POTUS to fly into Copenhagen on Scare Force One and waltz into the proceedings, effectively upstaging everyone in the room including the leaders of Spain, Japan and Brazil? Is this part of a nuanced plan to make the world like us again?

Being too negative, right? Sorry, can't help it. Just guessing at Obama's speech it will probably contain a healthy dose of Bush apologies and heck who knows, maybe he'll even apologize for Mark Spitz, Dave Walden and the 1980 hockey team. Those Continentals would really eat that up. In reality of course he needs to apologize for the failed state of Chicago and noted luminaries Ayers, Daley, Rezko, Blago, Burris and various gang members wielding 2X6's, but such is the twisted dream of a teabagger.

CNN says there's been some furious lobbyin' behind the scenes via Michelle and Oprah, which begs the question as to what they could possibly be offering these bureaucrats other than the brutal truth. Well, we await the thrilling fist-bump moment later today...

...along with perhaps a few of uncomfortable or embarrassing news releases slipped from the White House and Congress amidst all the commotion. It is a Friday, after all.

WRAP-UP 10/2/09

Well, quite a few of us intrepid pundits had it wrong--the fix was not in after all. Obama paid his money (our money) and took a chance, and lost. It's not a good day for America and there's no reason for celebration.

A few things straight--

1. Obama set the stage for this being political and invited criticism by getting involved. He brought it on. Any charges of the criticism being 'unpatriotic' is typical lefty misdirection.

2. Most conservatives probably wanted the Olympics here or didn't care. But they didn't like Obama elbowing his way into the IOC and trying to score crony points for the Chicago political machine, which was clearly a side benefit. Why wasn't he seen as the 'ugly American' again? Or maybe he was, just not by our press.

3. Some conservatives are a little too giddy over the news. Shame on them, but we all sin. Even David Letterman.

4. The media still hasn't reported on the Ayers claim in Andersen's book (just a friendly reminder).

5. Of all the rumors flying around the most nauseating ones are those blaming Bush. If the IOC is indeed punishing us for Iraq then all I can say is, how dare they! Can anyone imagine the games being played in Saddam's Iraq?

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Clinger said...

If this is not a demonstrative example of bully diplomacy there has never been one. The grand USofA President in Chief without adequately apologizing for using its overwhelming strength takes on the little country of Brazil. And where is the outrage from the drive by media admonishing Obama for not listening to its generals as Bush was admonished early in the Iraq war and then the condemnation calling the General Betrayus for suggesting a surge strategy. Bush was damned if your do and damned if you don’t and then there was Rumsfeld complaining about the same Pentagon bureaucracy that Osama’s choice McChristal is now complaining about. The source of that entrenched, above discussion or condemned Powell and DC doctrine of conventional warfare only methods. There is no war on terror and the methods of Al Queda are to facilitate chaos which will occur if Gen McChrysal's similar surge or irregular warfare strategy is not adopted. But then what an insignificant sacrifice it would be that there would not again be any kite flying permitted in Afghanistan if the Chicago Political machine can mine their gold from the Olympics in Chicago. Bush would have been called every despotic name in the world by now. Get off your A__ media and do your job objectively! Under the Taliban regime, Sharia law was interpreted to ban a wide variety of activities hitherto lawful in Afghanistan: employment, education and sports for women, movies, television, videos, music, dancing, hanging pictures in homes, clapping during sports events, kite flying, and beard trimming. One Taliban list of prohibitions included: