Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Iran Suicide Bombing and Other Things

Shouldn't be a big surprise. This area is largely Sunni and has long had issues with Tehran. Some even believe they supported Saddam during the Iran-Iraq war. A'jad himself was almost taken out there during a visit in 2005.

As to Iranian claims of our clandestine alignment with Jund'allah, color me skeptical as well, especially with the man of peace prize in office. Too much potential for blowback.

Meanwhile the dithering on any decision to surge troops continues. One might say Obama's chickens (tough campaign rhetoric) are coming home to roost but that's really water under the bridge now. The question is whether he'll be able to make any decisions before the decisive health care bill moves. Everyone knows he'd like health care to become his legacy, not warfare.

That's why the Peace Prize and Oslo acceptance speech in December are key--it would look rude to surge troops before accepting a peace prize award, which certainly represents interference in American foreign policy by globalist elites, which is certainly why the award should be turned down immediately.

Since that idea is clearly preposterous perhaps he's planning an announcement sometime around Christmas. Maybe he figures with fighting at an ebb over the winter he can take the battle to the republicans on health care and global warming and make people temporarily forget, although the Taliban and AQ may have other ideas. It's not cold and snowy everywhere.

By the way, wonder if anyone in the White House is taking note of Times reporter David Rohde's intelligence journal of his captivity by the Taliban and their long term goals? Sounds like the enemy is in to win but take heart America--at least team Obama still has the passion to defeat the real, real enemy.

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