Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Limbaugh Rams Thing

While troops die in Afghanistan defending the true front in the overseas contingency operation...and as we teeter on the brink of socialized medicine and federal taxes on air the country is embroiled in a silly argument over whether Rush Limbaugh should have the right to own a pro football team. Pretty whacked.

My one cent thought is that the racist stuff, besides showing signs of overcoming our national cowardice, is a McGuffin to hide the true argument of whether someone as controversial and provocative as Limbaugh should be part owner of a team. My view is no, he should not--from a business standpoint only. His presence would likely tick off about half the patronage the same as would Michael Moore, Olbermann, or Hannity's.

The media coverage is more interesting. Here's a common Rush image seen lately and taken sometime in early Spring, used by ABC News with the title "Bum Rushed":

And here's a more recent Rush from his website:

...after losing considerable amounts of weight. Compare it to their hero with the halo or that Fred Astaire grin. The little things do count.


Debbie said...

Rush was asked to join the group that wanted to purchase the Rams. Seems like they should have know all about him before they invited him to join.

Second, this is pure libel and somebody should be sued for those made up comments that Rush did not make.

Granted, people who do not listen to him regularly do not understand his dry sense of humor and sarcasm. They probably think everything he says he means, but they should listen in context.

Also, some of the others who have ownership in teams are certainly more controversial than Rush is.

Having said that, Rush is probably better off NOT being a part owner.

Deborah F. Hamilton
Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

I just can't get outraged over the racist stuff because it's like the morning sunrise. They've been doing this for 15 years. Rush will just go on the air and blast them, and they will accuse him all over again.

My view is based only on a business standpoint, that is, it doesn't make sense to have a controversial figure associated with a team who has a 3 hour daily radio show--and the owners should have known that up front. I don't blame Rush at all, he loves the game and wanted to be closer to it. He is not a racist, and I say that as a listener since 1991.