Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Bi-Partisan Come- Back Kid's Great Speech

This is how AFP French press described President Obama's State of the Union speech last night:
Obama's confident State of the Union address Tuesday mixed straight talk with a patriotic call to action, as he rode a tide of improbable political momentum less than three months after a Republican mid-term election rout.
O'Reilly was groping around last night wondering how Obama's formerly dismal poll numbers could be rising so strongly when nothing very positive is occurring. Even a simple man should know that the answer is hardly 'improbable', it started after the last vote was counted in the mid-term shellacking; moved into the "most productive lame duck session ever", which spawned the 'come-back kid'; morphed into the great Tucson speech on civility (take that, Sarah Palin) and continued last night with a speech that was apparently almost Christ-like in delivery. O'Reilly needs to DVR Chris Matthews every so often.

But here we are, in the new age of bi-partisan cooperation. Remember, Captain Bi-Partisan was talking trash just a few months ago..

But as fortunes change and winds shift so does the White House narrative, which sucks up our intrepid media and renders them incapable of providing cogent analysis of how this past might affect the future but only about our shiny new present. They know his smoked salmon is meaningless pap and that his true secret ideology aligns best with what he told Joe the Plumber in that one silly moment of candor back in 2008 (which is why they had to kill it). But they continue down the yellow brick road anyway, undaunted and un-bothered by reality, parroting the blast faxes sent from their buddies across town. It's almost Orwellian.


LASunsett said...

He has either been healed and seen the light....or he is a chameleon, who changes colors to suit the backdrop.

I know which one I am betting on.

A.C. McCloud said...

It's a much easier score than betting on the Super Bowl..

Debbie said...

"Parroting" is right. Wow, listening to a roundup of the Left media comments one can easily agree that they all get a memo on what to say each day and they dutifully obey.

But not all media swallowed what Obama was trying to peddle last night.

One called in plagiarism.

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