Sunday, January 16, 2011

Is Matthews Trying to get Himself Fired?

First he demands Obama's long form birth certificate be released (by the way, what happened to Abercrombie?), now he's calling white people 'crackers'.

Any Fox News commentator using similar banal racial slang would already be a memory. Heck, even their lowliest of reporters would likely get the axe (with sneering sops like Matthews cheerleading from the sidelines). It would be a huge story--Bill O'Reilly says the N word.

Yet there's Tingles, still in his chair drawing a check, blathering away. It's pretty embarrassing ratings wise, almost as if Matthews could do an entire show of just saying nothing but the F word and few would care--because so few are watching. NBC could have bleeped the word but they apparently want the controversy. Too bad Russert isn't around, at least he would have cared. He's just spinning now.

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