Monday, January 10, 2011

Symbols of Hate?

Much has been thrown around about Sarah Palin's bullseye political map 'targeting' certain politicians she thought needed to be defeated back in the November 2010 mid-terms (Google results). This kind of sums it up, yet there goes that Pima sheriff again, blaming you know who.

This despite admitting to Fox News yesterday that he has no evidence whatsoever of a connection between political rhetoric on TV and radio, yet we must chill some speech anyway. As if on cue a Pennsylvania congressgoof actually wants to codify the silliness into a law (would "congressgoof" be illegal?).

It's much more likely the shooter depended on the fever swamps of the internet for his daily news rather than Glenn Beck or Rush. Since the Sheriff is a Democrat, and since only old Republicans like John McCain (about the same age) are ignorant of the powers of the interweb, then the Sheriff must be saying this stuff for political reasons. Right?

Speaking of Beck, on his radio program today--after advocating for the non-violent approach of Jesus and Ghandi in dealing with differences--he addressed the symbology associated with Palin's target map and asked whether all such symbolism or rhetoric should be targeted addressed. Like Target stores...

Even Target is not immune from targeting.

How about that ABC News "Blotter" emblem? What's the thing in the 'O'? Looks suspiciously like a target...

And what about media reports like, " is targeting Palin"? Was CNN trying to get her shot? Or hung? Or how about targeting generals in the middle of a war?

Pretty silly, and all minimizing the actual tragedy and likely reasons for it. Had the usual suspects paused and reflected as Obama asked everyone after Major Hasan yelled for Allah and began shooting then perhaps the nation could have moved from this trauma into a meaningful discussion about political rhetoric, mental illness and the net in general, but they've only made things worse by slapping a pointy finger towards starboard.

MORE 1/10/11

This makes more sense than anything I've read lately: "Jared Loughner and Travis Bickle".


With each interview the Pima County sheriff seems to be getting more and more political. Here he is naming names with Geraldo (of course). Funny though, he says he thinks the vitriol may set off lunatics like Loughner--but if so, isn't it his job to make sure they get put away or at least checked by mental health professionals after making death threats?


Is the right being lured into a Dick Morris trap by figures like Dupnik and Brady? The OKC bombing strategy formulated by dirty Dick was for Clinton and the left to lure the GOP into aligning with their far right wing by suggesting new strict gun laws or other strictures designed to keep the public safe. Fast forward to now and we have a very partisan sheriff egging the right on by suggesting Palin was responsible for a mass murder and a congressman trying to crush speech by banning symbols. I smell rats.


LASunsett said...

Very good points, AC.

As for the Rep from PA, I thought it was already against the law to threaten a government official at any level.

I don't think we can totally outlaw metaphors that could be construed as having the possible of causing or inciting violence. Can you imagine silencing Dicky V when talking about the Duke BB program? "Duke doesn't rebuild, they just reload" must now become what? Duke doesn't rebuild, they just retool?

From the day Cain slew Abel, there has been a potential for violence. It is the rage within certain people that causes the violence, not the words or symbols of a metaphor.

A.C. McCloud said...

The PA guy is either an emotional guy just mindlessly knee-jerking (understandable) or he's part of a calculated effort to keep the "dangerous rhetoric" meme going as long as possible.

Read Byron York's column today about how Dick Morris exploited Oklahoma City so Clinton could regain the polls.

Debbie said...

Good catch on the ABC Blotter, I missed that one. Following this very closely since the minute of the shooting on Saturday, I have found every minute of in fascinating.

A writer couldn't make this stuff up. From the make up of the audience, to the Judge and Rep. Gibbons, her husband, his brother, her brother. Then the shooter himself and all his crazy connections.

Then the Left media jumping to conclusions that fit their agendas.

The shooter in court today, smiling like the village idiot.

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