Friday, January 07, 2011

The Wheeler Mystery

A West Point Grad, former Asst SecDef, founder of the Vietnam Vets Memorial and someone currently working with super secret defense contractor Mitre Corp engaged with cybersecurity, suddenly becomes disoriented and lost in Delaware, in the process losing his briefcase (with God knows what inside), only to tragically end up in county landfill.

Lots of wild arse speculation, including mention of birds and comic disinformation from the Russians. But wait, cybersecurity? There was another smart guy from British Intelligence on loan to NSA working in this area who also recently met a terrible demise, found zippered in his duffel bag padlocked on the outside in his MI6-provided apartment. They are currently looking for some folks who might know something.

That doesn't mean Mr. Wheeler's story doesn't have a benign explanation. Why would someone intent on taking out an expert cyberdefense consultant not just take him out, instead of say bumping him on the head and allowing him to wander the streets only to later find him and place him in a trash bin? Common sense says it's more likely he was a victim of two random criminals, or one criminal who left him hopelessly injured and doomed without help from strangers, who didn't help. Then again, the case is getting a lot of media attention, isn't it?


Mustang said...

This mystery is almost solved: Inspector Geraldo Herrera is on the case.

Thank God ...

I wish we were discussing the disappearance of Gerald Herrera.

A.C. McCloud said...

We don't need Geraldo and the Building 7 squad, the Russians have already solved it on the internet -- he was going to spill the beans about the dead birds in Arkansas and some Cheney goons got to him first. Notice a bunch of dead fish showed up in Chesapeake Bay right after this-- a message no doubt!!

Debbie said...

This is very curious, especially the part about him (allegedly) trying to blow up his neighbor's house. A man with his training could blow up anything he wanted and not botch the job, so I'm really curious.

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

Only his background makes it so curious. If he was some bum or even a local plumber we wouldn't be hearing about this story, but the man had an impeccable resume and history says he would not act in such a manner.

He was also a former Bush administration member (both of them) so the media could run all their headlines beginning with "former Bush advisor", which no doubt thrilled them into more coverage.

His weird actions the last two days before he died suggest he was either knocked on the head or slipped some kind of mickey. If any of the internet rumors were true he would have been stuffed in the trash to begin with, not allowed to wander. So maybe the nefarious forces at work were only trying to scare him, or send a message. Toxicology reports have already confirmed this, one would think.

Still seems more likely he got rolled and received a concussion and was confused, causing him to lose his senses, including his sense of fear, and he wandered into a part of the city he shouldn't have. But we'll see what Geraldo digs up.