Saturday, January 01, 2011


1/1/11 brings thoughts of a new start and resolutions for the new year. I could mention a few resolutions of my own but then again who really cares coming from some anonymous blogger? Besides, less blogging, less time spent watching TV sports with more helping the community, being nicer to liberals, and having a fling with Jenny McCarthy are hardly realistic goals, and in the latter case perhaps even deadly (followed by damnation).

So let's get on to a more meaningful resolution--Obama's:
"I'm willing to work with anyone of either party who's got a good idea and the commitment to see it through," Obama said.
Hey, both nonsensical and commendable, just like mine! Nonsensical since he's the one who decides whether the idea is "good" or not (in other words nothing coming from Rand Paul or Jim DeMint would make the cut) and commendable--only a few weeks ago he was scolding Republicans like he was their daddy, threatening to withhold the car keys and accusing them of drinking Slurpees during traffic accidents. So it's a new start. Maybe even a new life, if you will.

Which brings us to this week's music..

Happy New Year, y'all...(and how bout the best named team and linebacker in college football!)

MORE 1/2/12

Dave Barry looks back at 2010, and sees the worst year ever:
Abroad, U.S. intelligence intercepts a top-secret cable from Iran to North Korea, apparently written in code, stating: "Thanks for selling us the buclear beapons." In response, the United States threatens to impose harsh new sanctions that, in the words of Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, "will make the previous harsh sanctions that we threatened to impose seem like only moderate threatened sanctions, and this time we are not kidding around."

On the world economic front, thousands of rock-throwing rioters take to the streets of Athens and Rome to protest punishing new austerity measures under which they would no longer be provided free rocks by the government.
Love that sarcastic humor, in case you haven't noticed.

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