Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pack It In

"As Air Force Once touched down in the chilly home of the team that ousted his beloved Bears from the NFL playoffs last weekend, Obama was presented with a Packers jersey that bore his name. "They're rubbing it in," Obama said to reporters on the tarmac as he accepted the jersey from Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, and James Schmitt, the mayor of Green Bay."
Either CNN did a poor job of matching their picture with the story or they are cleverly trying to tell the birthers that Obama's real last name is actually "Woodson". Hey, just another attempt to stoke more interest in Obama's mysterious past to divert from the real problems! Don't put it past CNN.

Or maybe since the jersey shown in the photo said "Woodson", and since the Pack's Charles Woodson recently made news by saying this, perhaps the actual jersey number presented to Obama was zero (they said oh) and CNN didn't want that photo-op for obvious reasons. Anyway, I have no problem with Obama's sports trash talk unless he picks on my teams.

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