Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Managing the Narrative

The sheriff of Pima County has essentially called right wing talk radio/TV (Fox) accessories to murder, something like un-indited co-conspirators, if you will. As to be expected one of the suspects in this murder, Rush Limbaugh, pushed back on his show yesterday by calling the whole thing "silly". But that only energized the sheriff, who quadrupled down by actually naming Limbaugh by name (as if a 'person of interest') and accusing him of complicity before the fact. Most bizarre.

So, how does CNN handle this? Look at this teaser on their front page this morning..

"TICKER- Limbaugh Remark Raises Brows".

Hmm. "Raises brows" is a phrase usually reserved for brow raising things like county sherriffs making political statements during law enforcement briefings after mass shootings. Someone responding to such allegations usually gets characterized otherwise. But for those who only scan headlines it's mission accomplished--Rush Limbaugh said something outrageous again, not the sheriff.

Funny too because CNN, like most other networks, participated in the right wing tea party crackpot fest that erupted Saturday and completely overshadowed the human tragedy, in large part due to the official blessing from the sheriff. Now days later, after evidence appears clarifying the shooter's non-partisan insanity, CNN suddenly finds it eyebrow raising for Limbaugh to point out this silliness. Give us a break.

The reason we have a Rush, Fox News, etc in the first place is because they've taken the position as the new fourth estate because the previous bunch showed themselves to be liberal advocates disguised as journalists. It's no wonder this sheriff, some in the Obama administration, certain TV talking heads and a few Congressmen have cherry picked a few "brow raising" comments over the years to justify criminalizing speech. Guess they missed the former Vice President screaming "he lied to us", etc.

The sheriff is right--it's bad. It's actually so bad the lefty talking heads have shown very little outrage over a law enforcement officer publicly complaining about free speech and suggesting it be chilled. In the old days they would have called him a Nazi.


..spouting off about how Bush lied, here's an oldie but goldie from the current Secretary of State..

Ah yes, the good ole days before the rhetoric was poisoned by tea partiers..

MORE 1/11/11

Speaking of CNN, this exchange with Neal Boortz must be seen to be believed. How can a CNN news anchor not recognize quotes from the president? Or is he just an ignorant Republican?


LASunsett said...

Good find on the Boortz interview....I am going to snag that one later.

I suspect the Sheriff started this whole thing because of local politics. Loughner's mom worked for the county and was probably well known and liked. It's possible his law enforcement agency knew about this guy, and gave some deference in dealing with this man's issues because of it.

I could be wrong, but this could have been a smoke screen to cover his ass on this and protect himself from media scrutiny.

A.C. McCloud said...

I would not be surprised at all. If so it's certainly one of the better smoke screens of all time, and also, indicative of how the left will use stuff like this to achieve and end without care of who it hurts.

We will see what Obama says tonight. I hope he stays respectful and he probably will, but any notion of "rhetoric" could be a tip off as to what's really going on with this sheriff.