Monday, November 14, 2011

Accidents Will Happen

It appears the alleged freak accident at the Iranian "ammunition depot' has taken out a big player in the Mullah's long range missile program:
An explosion at a Revolutionary Guard base in Iran killed a senior commander in charge of the country's missile development programme, the authorities have said, prompting speculation Mossad, the Israeli intelligence service was involved.
That's odd, the Iranians never mentioned Israel and America in their post-explosion press reports because it was an accident. Now another 'accident' has occurred, this time in Dubai:
The son of a former Iranian Revolutionary Guard commander was found dead in a Dubai hotel room -- with his father's website calling the death "suspicious," though police insisted it was not. Numerous Iranian media on Sunday reported the death of Ahmad Rezaie inside Hotel Gloria, a four-star hotel in the coastal United Arab Emirates city.
He was an epileptic and just happened to get electrocuted in his hotel room, presumably.  Wait, isn't that how the HAMAS agent died in Dubai?   They better check the wiring there!  His distraught father is not buying it of course, and in posting about it on his blog made perhaps a little slip:
The same site noted that the death was "concurrent with the martyrdom of Mohsen Rezaie's comrades in arms" on Saturday, referring to an explosion at a military base near Tehran.
Are they considered martyred when dying while routinely transporting warheads from base to base?  Maybe so, but it seems like they might get more virgins if they were killed by an enemy doing the holy work instead of just fate.  Hmm. Well, with all the recent hubbub about Revolutionary Guard involvement in a murder-for-hire plot of a Saudi Ambassador, Stuxnet worms, the IAEA report, and the Russians threatening the west not to mess with Tehran, things seem to be getting ripe for even more accidents.  It might be a good policy for the GOP candidates to play their cards a little closer to the vest on this Iran thing.  Like Herman Cain (even if by default).


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It is interesting. Pick them off one at a time it seems.

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while they pick 12 at a time... you got pwnt yankee cunt.