Monday, November 07, 2011

Lowering Cain

Look, there's Gloria Allred on TV again. Hey, was that illegal alien maid she used to take down Meg Whitman ever deported or in the least, audited? Oh well, she's got a new client, who finally puts a face to the anonymous Cain sexual harassment pile on:.
"Mr. Cain instead decided to try to provide her with his idea of a stimulus package," Allred said.
And apparently just as effective! Forget for a second the client is from Chicago--which almost makes this event cartoonish--she's a self-described life-long Republican. Wait, doesn't that also make her evil and un-trustworthy?

Let's face it, we live in a liberal-controlled media universe of political correctness and dumbass conventional wisdoms where Snooki, Paris Hilton and Kimmy K are more famous than Cain and most other politicians aside from Obama. So if Herman has done what they say he's done, he's done.

And we on the right can't keep supporting him if it's true. How can we mock and ridicule Clinton's bimbo eruptions and maintain any ideological purity otherwise? Yes, the media is not fair and didn't vet Obama and many of the lefties who supported Clinton are now bashing Cain, but they also have few scruples when it comes to politics and couldn't care less about being hypocrites as long as ends justifies means. Results count in that world, and their main goal is taking down the GOP and anyone in it, especially a "house N".

About the only thing to be said for Herman--assuming some truthiness to these smears--is that he didn't track down the women beforehand and pay them off or threaten them somehow as others have surely done. Non-conventional and fly by the seat of the pants indeed. Of course, he might have thought they were already wrapped up under non-disclosure agreements. Then again, this lack of action could also suggest his innocence. Perish the thought, that black man is guilty until proven innocent in white America 2011!

Up til now he's been surviving but the challengers are already heel-nipping in the politest of ways (with Grinch-like smirks when they turn their backs) and if the gals keep comin the numbers will start plummeting and the politeness will go away. He's already on record of saying that if anyone else comes out they will be "making things up" so he's left himself in position to call her a liar here, but that only perpetuates the outrage and the he said/she said (and makes Gloria Allred an even fatter member of the 1 percent). If he stays silent the pressure will keep mounting and he'll never face another debate in peace. Whatever the strategy his message has now been totally derailed. Which actually isn't the worst of his worries at the moment, surely.


Cain was unequivocal in his presser today but his earlier release targeted Bialek's financial troubles, which was bush league. And this evening on Haniity his chain-smoking campaign guru falsely accused ex-Politico reporter Josh Kraushaar of being related to the newest woman scorned, Karen Kraushaar. If he wants to stay in this race he needs to get a serious staff and stop shooting from the hip. I'm starting to wonder if the left is right about his long-term intentions. There's a debate tomorrow, should be interesting.


Debbie said...

I'm following the events. The first woman was a giggling idiot, I could not believe anything she said, especially with her past record.

As to this newest White, Blond, I haven't heard any specifics. I'm still inclined to think this is all lies, but time will tell.

Right Truth

LASunsett said...

So far both women have histories of this. Hate to shamelessly hawk my blog, but I posted on this earlier today. We are learning more as we go.

What has irritated me to no end is how Rove has been piling on, without all of the facts. It's obvious that the GOP establishment doesn't want Cain. But they should make their stand on the issues and policy, not get involved in this kind of low-life BS.

Remember, Clinton got elected in spite of Paula Jones and Juanita Broadrick.

A.C. McCloud said...

Clinton got elected because he felt people's pain and the press and NOW folks backed him. Cain has a harder slog. And seriously, he would be hitting this out of the park aside from his bumbling staff falsely accusing everyone that comes along. I'm pulling for this guy as hard as I can, but they need to help.

BTW, as to the handprints of Rove, thinking that too, LA. When Harold Ford, Jr ran for Senate in TN the GOP put out an ad showing him partying with white blond women. He lost.