Thursday, November 03, 2011

CNN on OWS Oakland: Success!

They seem to be pleased..
Demonstrators in Oakland, California, appeared to carry out a successful strike of downtown businesses Wednesday, as most merchants and retailers shuttered their doors during a largely peaceful protest.
They went on to mention that police were nowhere in sight, and..
Despite the absence of police officers, the department pledged to protect life and property "in the event the demonstration becomes unlawful, threatens public safety or incites vandalism or property damage," according to a statement.
So apparently since the report mentioned nothing other than protesters writing in chalk on downtown streets and called the event 'successful' there must have been no property damage, right?

OK then:
Various sympathizers and observers are tweeting live. Mother Jones reports that the Oakland Whole Foods store — after being falsely accused of threatening to punish workers who walked out on the job today — has been vandalized.

One person on scene writes: “Straight into window breaking and street furniture smashing at whole foods. #generalstrike #occupyoaklandwindow breaking and street furniture smashing at whole foods.”

Whole Foods is defending itself online. To no avail.

A big mob dressed in black is roaming around the streets. They’ve sprayed graffiti on the walls of businesses.

Wells Fargo windows have also been reportedly smashed.

Chase Bank vandalized.
Unless all those tweets are disinformation from Karl Rove's twitter deflection machine, shouldn't normal people wonder about CNN's reportage of anything OWS? OK yes, that was redundant.

SUCCESS? 11/3/11

Perhaps CNN should question their sources or their objectivity. Somebody on the mid shift seems to have awakened to find..
Earlier Wednesday, police said a small group of protesters vandalized five businesses, including banks and a Whole Foods. The incidents involved graffiti and smashed windows, authorities said.
Now it's the lead story on Drudge. They just couldn't root any harder without being completely run out of the business. And for you libs, yes Fox News rooted for the Tea Party but you call them Faux and constantly berate their objectivity. CNN's coverage of OWS proves them the as the other side of the same coin. Such is American cable news in 2011.

MORE 11/4/11

Again, this is not man bites dog stuff, but check out the WaPo and NY Times apologizing for the otherwise successful protest in Oakland by relegating the damage to those on the fringe, and only late at night after closing down the port. Guess they don't read Twitter or Malkin. What does OWS have against transportation, anyway?

Hard to recall those rags coming to the rescue of the Tea Party in such an overt manner when they were accused of being racists and fascists. Meanwhile a continuing source of hate from the left, Malkin, has another post up showing some of the things the mainstreamers won't show--basically because these protests are better left as a movement 'against Wall St' rather than a protest on the essence of the American system. After all, we might start getting visions of Bill Ayers. Speaking of Obama's pal, where is he with all this juicy revolution stuff going on? Oh, there he is.

As to these OWS fridge, the movement seems every bit like Wisconsin, pitting socialists, communists, unions and kooks with a small fringe contingent of genuinely ticked off people who want change within the system. If an OWS protest starts and gets hijacked by 'anarchists' (actually socialist anarchists--the oxymoron of the millennium) then what stops it from being an OWS rally after the violence breaks out? Don't both groups really feel the same about things in general with one a little more rambunctious than the other?

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