Thursday, November 10, 2011

Brain Farts and Other Things...

Wow. That was certainly a must-see TV debate last night. Usually politicians can come up with something clever to divert a brain fart like Perry's, but he was just left with "I'm sorry". Awful. Hannity was defending him today on the air but there's really no defense when talking about a presidential candidate. Look at what the left/media/hollywood did to Reagan and Dubya--just imagine how Perry would be treated.

No, he's done. Maybe not officially yet, but unofficially.

Yes it's true that Obama mispronounced 'corpseman' and stumbled and bumbled through a stump speech without TOTUS (you've all seen the video) but he was always 'on' when it really mattered--on the national stage.

The rest of the debate was very entertaining. Perry had done alright to that point, although he wasn't getting many questions. Newt, Romney and Cain all got off some great zingers at the expense of the zealous moderators. Still, it's hard to see a front runner yet.

Speaking of Ann Coulter (you'll see), her latest column seems to suggest a wild conspiracy to get the goods on Cain back before he got serious, emanating from the Chicago machine. It is weird, even if Coulter herself has bashed the conspiracy wing of the GOP.

Libs are predictably pushing back with a birther analogy, ie, just as Obama's parents couldn't have known he would run for president in 1961 when the ads appeared in the Honolulu newspaper nobody could know in 1998 that Cain would be leading in the polls now. Just more rantings of teh crazy wingnuts!

But Cain was already on the political stage in the 90s. He ran for president in 2000, albeit briefly, and the video surfaced of his 1993 rebuttal to Bill Clinton on a televised Hillarycare debate, leaving Bubba stumped and Hillarycare dumped.

So not only was he on the Chicago radar in the 90s but he also CROSSED BILL CLINTON, the first black president, on TV. No wonder he's in trouble.

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