Sunday, November 13, 2011

Another Debate Brain Freeze

But not by a candidate, this time by renowned 60 Minute moderator Scott Pelley...

And that was probably the least of the criticism directed towards him. Meanwhile the majors took to their fact-checking and analysis with such headlines as...

"Five things we learned from Saturday's GOP debate". Who does CNN think "we" are?  Well, apparently they think we don't like Cain much, because they seemed irritated that Herman had 'read his briefing book'.  They bashed him anyway.  And we didn't learn anything about extra-judicial killings? 

"Romney, Gingrich back war with Iran" (WaPo- front page headline was truncated as shown left).  Maybe we need some factcheckers to attack MSM headlines. 

"GOP field attempts to find foreign policy footing"... yeah, because we all know they are a bunch of stumblers, right ABC?

"Romney, Gingrich back war to keep Iran from nuke". Well, at least the network that hosted the debate put some context into their warmongering headline.  Of course Obama, the warmongering Nobel Peace president, hasn't taken a military option off his Persian plate either.

"Iran dominates GOP contenders debate". WOW! Fair and balanced...and from MSNBC! Hope springs eternal.

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