Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ayers, Again

Instapundit points to a Breitbart video of Bill Ayers giving another speech a few weeks ago wherein he admits to having a "fundraiser" in his home for Barack Obama to help kick-start his political career in the mid 90s. This was never really in doubt to those who knew Ayers as more than described by the campaign and their friends in the mainstream media, but perhaps the more interesting thing is what Ayers also said about Obama at the event:
"At that time I thought geez, Obama's an ambitious young man, he wants to be mayor of Chicago.."
That's exactly what Jack Cashill has been saying for awhile now--that when Ayers co-wrote Dreams he was just trying to help a fellow traveler become mayor of Chicago:
Obama’s success must chafe Ayers even more. He hoped to mold a mayor of Chicago and instead he ended up with a president whose ambitions would always corrupt his ideology.
Maybe Obama and Ayers never dreamed they'd have to hide such an embarrassing relationship from a national voting audience one day.  Or perhaps this is just Bill Ayers playing his own little game of cat and mouse with the right for self-amusement. At any rate, the media seems to be in no rush to get the real story.  There are many more serious stories about Herman Cain's alleged bimbos or Rick Perry's confusion over the voting age to allow any reporters to be used for fact-finding about the current president or how he was vetted.

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Debbie said...

If only the media had given Obama the Palin or Cain treatment.

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