Thursday, November 03, 2011

VP Biden, Get Your Papers Ready!

Who can forget our incorrigible VP back in 2007:

Fast forward to now and what's whistling in the wind overseas...
The Guardian reports that the UK has begun preparing to support the US in a strike on Iran, thanks to a new IAEA report that concludes — very much belatedly — that Tehran has been working all along to develop nuclear weapons:
Biden best get the papers ready because there's no way Obama will go to Congress for any attack on Iran.

Really, it's amazing how things change from one administration to the next. Anything related to Iran's terror as mentioned by the Bush administration elicited shock and awe from the radical left and Democratic congressmen. Not so anymore.

Maybe it's partisan, or maybe just a simmering reality sinking in. Here's a report about the alleged Iranian-backed plot to murder the Saudi ambassador to the US, suggesting the Qods Force was behind it along with the leadership. Take it for what it is.

And here's a look back at a rather prescient article from 2009 regarding the fate of UBL and his son Saad, who spent time under "house arrest" in Tehran, where some thought he was acting as a messenger between the Qods Force and UBL in Pakistan. That would be the same Qods Force that has been implicated in the US plot. Saad's death has never been confirmed nor has the fate of the other Emir-in-training Hamza bin Laden. Where are they? Then there's the lawsuit.

In other words, a lot of dots connect through valleys, down alleys and around corners to the Mullahs in Iran, and they have for years. Bush's hands were tied for political reasons--Obama's are not.


Debbie said...

Obama isn't going to do anything. Even those threatened expanded sanctions after the US terror plot are off the table.

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

I don't know. An attack on Iran might disrupt attention away from the economy indefinitely, or at least until 2013. Now they are saying Iran has been implicated in THREE assassination attempts overseas. And if the stuff about 9/11 breaks true O will not have much of a choice. Lots of if's, but stranger things have happened.