Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Did You Know?

That Obama killed Osama? 

It's clear the political push is on to remind voters....CBS 60 Minutes report this past Sunday; mention in the SOTU; mention by Joe Biden (who said he advised against); and now today a report that some of the bin Laden death photos may be released.
Dan Metcalfe, former director of the Department of Justice's Office of Information and Privacy, told The Atlantic Wire that according to the government's response to the lawsuit, there are parts of the records that are "legally required to be disclosed." This reopens that possibility that postmortem photographs of bin Laden will be released.
Would they do it?  Would it help the campaign more than it would endanger troops in the field?  Or would it blowback on them?  Or will they be forced to do it via FOIA, and if so, could it be seen as another public reminder of whose ass Obama kicked?  Maybe someone will ask the administration in the next Google town hall or something.

By the way, the same HuffPo report contains an interesting feature on what was also found in and around camp UBL: pot plants, porn, natural viagra, coke and pepsi.  Sounds like he wasn't that much different from Saddam after all.  That is, if we can believe the story.   It wouldn't be the first time we've tried to embarrass a dead or captured Islamic terrorist by insinuating he was a closet westerner.  Hearts and mind and stuff.

Finally, while Biden is making a big to-do over admitting he told Obama not to go into Pakistan after UBL, his long time recommendation to use counter-terrorism in Afghanistan rather than counter-insurgency appears to have been chosen as policy.   But really, wasn't that the plan all along? 

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