Friday, January 13, 2012

Obama the Venture Capitalist

CBS continues to be the only major news network pursuing the Solyndra story and they broke more news today..

So while both sides are carving away on Romney for being an evil venture capitalist nobody is paying attention to the fact that Obama was giving risky loans to risky businesses (that happen to be in line with his green energy platform), who were then going bankrupt and putting people out of work while dumping the bill on taxpayers.

No doubt the major media will all report on his new plan to acquire higher presidential powers for the sake of streamlining the bureaucracy to his liking, since they know it's really nothing more than a campaign trap aimed at Congressional Republicans.  If they object Obama will say they are hypocrites who don't really want to cut government.  If they give him the power the TEA Party will object, and later Obama will campaign as a cutter of government waste.

This same media--such as the New York Times, who just recently questioned their readers as to whether they should challenge non-factual statements when gathering news--will probably not ask why Obama waited until now to suddenly ask for these powers instead of several years ago when he growing both government spending and employee rolls and running up massive debt. 


Debbie said...

Venture Capitalist using tax payer money, not cool

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

That's the easy kind. Use someone else's money and if it goes to pot just ask for a one trillion dollar increase..