Saturday, January 21, 2012

Enthusiasm Teetering

Can any of these clowns beat Obama?   Not to precisely agree with Andrew Sullivan, but it's starting to look like the GOP has decided to save it's best for 2016.  Newt Gingrich may be able to handle a debate with the One but can he croon like Al Green?  Can he dance on Ellen's show?  Can he hobnob with the cool crowd of Hollywood, who often shape popular culture and influence the great unwashed moderate vote?  Can he escape his past or his divisive rhetoric?

Or Romney, the John Kerry of the GOP?   Or Santorum, who still has that boy next door that delivers your paper look and doesn't believe in contraception?   Or Ron Paul, who many view as a crazy uncle?   Take it as defeatism or whatever, but the enthusiasm for any of these people remains thin.  The eventual nominee will need enough pizzazz to get the voters out despite Hollywood, the elite media, and the billion-dollar Obama attack machine (aimed at moderates and soccer moms) telling everyone how great things have been for the last four years while pointing the horrible un-coolness of the Republican candidate.

Granted, unforeseen events could change the picture. Or maybe, as in 2008, it will come down to the VP nominee to arouse the enthusiasm again.  Let's see, Herman Cain was in South Caroline this past week doing a show with..... Stephen Colbert.   The bloggers say hmmm. But still..

So with that it's time for a musical selection.  Obama was channeling Green, maybe Romney could get up there and do his best with this..

BTW, don't miss the awesome guitar solo at 1:27! Romney could air guitar it, maybe.
MORE 1/21/12 Missed this the other day. Newt has already addressed the popularity issue and admitted the obvious, pointing out the obvious in the process. The question for Newt is whether he can effectively make this case amidst a blizzard of incoming fire while defending his past.


LASunsett said...

Great job blending a brilliant essay presenting the dilemma we face and the questions we are all asking, with the weekly music post.

And Tom's right. I don't find much of anything unusual, anymore. The norm has certainly shifted down the pipes.

A.C. McCloud said...

Thanks, LA. I simply can't remain silent anymore. This field isn't strong enough to beat Obama. It's puzzling but I have to believe the GOP would rather concentrate on keeping the House and getting the Senate while Obama gets blame for the economy. Is there any other explanation?

LASunsett said...

I think the best people for the job do not want it because the nasty background checks and the media spin on mistakes any of them have made earlier in their lives, will be more harmful to them than anything the rewards of the job will bring.

Who wants what might have been a lapse of judgment from one's formative years to come to light?

One almost needs to be perfect or a Democrat to get elected.

A.C. McCloud said...

Or a mysterious guy who nobody knew a few years prior to the election who gets special treatment by the watchdog media.

Even Hillary couldn't escape her past against the Shadow.

Debbie said...

It is a gloomy state of affairs. Our best for 2016? By that time they will have chosen another and will have destroyed Jindal, or any of the others that are stars now.

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