Saturday, January 07, 2012

White House's ABC Bureau says...

That Obama is going to "do whatever it takes" to create more jobs.   Citing the 'better than expected' jobs report last month, ABC tells us that Obama's awesome move to defy Senate protocol (and perhaps even the constitution) is wicked important because now we have a new consumer watchdog in place to keep the evil enemy at bay (capitalists).  Or as Kent Dorfman would say, this is gonna be great!

And with that, this week's video selection..

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Debbie said...

He has been doing anything he wants and the situation is really no better. When you break down the numbers we are still somewhere around 11.5% I think I read. The numbers don't take a lot of things into consideration. But when you realize the White House is throwing lavish parties, playing the "mad hatter" in more ways than one.

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