Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Home Sweet Homes

Isn't that nice.  The NY Times Home and Garden section has a feature on the GOP hopefuls homes.  Most appear fairly modest, actually.  But using the word "homes" was intentional:
Of all the candidates, Mitt Romney has the most houses. He recently sold two homes, one in Belmont, Mass., which he replaced with a nearby condo, and another in Park City, Utah. In addition, he has the oceanfront house in California, and a stone and wood compound on Lake Winnepesaukee, pictured, in New Hampshire.
Isn't that just what one would expect from a filthy rich 1 percenter?  Of course this puff piece was a sneaky way to get some class warfare and age-old stereotypes into play through the side door.  By sticking it in Home/Garden they have at least some plausible deniability should anyone accuse them of bias, ie, 'just giving our readers an idea of how they live'.  And actually that's just fine, supposing Home/Garden also covered Chris Dodd's home in Ireland or Obama's palatial Chicago estate via felon Tony Rezko back in 2008; or if they've ever featured the homes of their own columnists Tom Friedman or Paul Krugman.  Surely all have lovely gardens. 


Anonymous said...


It was more than just a strip of land....it was the whole enchilada.

A.C. McCloud said...

My apologies. There weren't many stories on it to recall. ;-)