Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Meanwhile, at GITMO

A pre-trial hearing in the al-Nashiri tribunal (suspected USS Cole bomber) occurred yesterday..
According to the defense motion, the Gitmo authorities have determined that only communications from counsel bearing their signature are legal mail. Any attachments (such as discovery, court opinions, expert witness CV's, news articles) attached to the letters are not and must go through a screening process which significantly delays the detainee's receipt of the material. As the defense points out, historically all mail coming from counsel is legal mail which can be opened only in the presence of the inmate and checked for contraband and to ensure it really is from counsel. No further inspection is allowed:
So it appears the defense wants to allow all kinds of stuff to be included in the prisoners' mail as long its deemed "legal mail". Meanwhile, Jihad Watch reports..
"U.S.: Al Qaeda magazine got into Guantanamo cell," by Richard Lardner for the Associated Press
Well, hopefully it was the special edition of "Inspire" that reported on the death of al-Awlaki. But hey, who knew the tribunals were underway down there at closed GITMO? Al-Nashiri's trial has begun, and five others will soon follow (supposedly) including that of KSM.  Maybe Obama's plan is to execute those dudes thereby eliminating all vestiges of the legacy AQ before the election.  Such trials could make it easier to focus on UBL while allowing pot shots at RomneyNewt through Bush, especially if the trials break down into legal quicksand due to torture. But there are also good reasons to delay them again, so we'll see.

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