Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Investigation Update

James Clapper, head of national intelligence, is supposed to be conducting an investigation into the leak of the gutsy Obama-approved CIA 'double agent' who uncovered underwear bomb 2.0 but turned out to be under the control of UK and Saudi Arabian intelligence.  The FBI is also investigating, but had to be 'urged' to include the White House in their sphere of investigation.

Chances are we probably won't hear much about this story again unless 1) a conservative turncoat in the administration or career conservative bureaucrat is fingered, or 2) an aircraft crash occurs.  And the first is more likely to draw coverage than the second.   

Even today's odd story about the French woman of Cameroon descent on a US Airways flight from Paris to Charlotte who claimed to have a surgical implant 'device' in her body didn't warrant any mention of the leak despite mention of AQAP.  By the way we've been told she's just a nut.  Might be true--but some additional confirmation would be nice. 

Speaking of leaks, Judicial Watch has obtained some documents in relation to some proposed football spiking.

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