Friday, May 11, 2012

The Show Must Go On..

Do we have a media in this country anymore?

So Joe Biden "apologized" to the president for getting out ahead of him on the gay marriage thing?  Apologized, really?  For getting out ahead?  When?   BIDEN HAS ALREADY COME OUT FOR GAY MARRIAGE, BACK IN 2010.   The story is right here.  Of course, the video appears to be unavailable for some reason.  

And what about this crappola regarding Obama pushing a girl that the right is using to respond to Romney's high school homophobia haircut (a story perfectly timed to come out after Obama's epiphany)?  The girl says it didn't happen.  In other words, just another composite story manufactured by the writer of "Dreams", whoever that might have been but clearly someone the media doesn't want to discover.  Thank heavens we know about Mitt's high school romps but we still haven't seen the Rashid Khalidi tape.  

Crackies, what a load of horsehiite.

MORE  5/11/12

CNN does some research, including mentioning the creator of "Will and Grace", the TV show used by Biden as an example by how NBC educated the nation:
The show's creator, Max Mutchnick, said Wednesday on CBS's "This Morning" that Biden had used similar language at a private fundraiser three weeks prior to the interview. He added that the White House was recording Biden while he made the comments at the event. "This says to me that it was all very choreographed," Mutchnick said. "It just doesn't seem right to me because it was verbatim to what he had said three weeks earlier....He was testing the material out of town, and then he took it to a larger house, which was 'Meet the Press.'"
Funny, social conservatives have been claiming for years that the networks were using these kinds of shows more as education than entertainment, and Biden basically confirms it.  Meanwhile yeah, they still won't mention Joe's comments from December 2010.  But at least CNN had the stones to refer to Obama's 1996 starting point on the issue...

 ..while completely avoiding it it in the actual story when detailing the "evolution".

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