Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Mission Accomplished?

Obama made another play in the war on Romney tonight, basically giving a victory speech at Bagram.  He informed us that he killed bin Laden, he destroyed AQ, he got us out of Iraq, and he is getting us out of Afghanistan.  He, him, along with some various and sundry troops.   And based on what Romney said in an edited debate in 2007, Mitt wouldn't have, smirk, smirk (I've hoisted these bastards by their own petards).   

So OK, the unthinkable is nigh- victory.  But it's a strange-feeling victory.  The Taliban is still around.  Mullah Omar's head isn't on a pike and we know from the trove grabbed from UBL's safe house that the Taliban was still part of the decision-making as to targets in the region.  The creators of the Taliban, Pakistan, is still a bit ticked off by the gutsy call.  As the Arabs say, an enemy of my enemy is my friend.

All this could be just fine, of course.  We surely want to win and the Pakis deserve to be ticked off since they were likely holding UBL in a safe house while extorting money from our bankrupt treasury.  Obama has shown that he'll practice Chicago-style smash-mouth politics on any issue and Romney has to be able to take the kitchen heat.  It might be shameless and debased but it still ain't beanbag.  The polls will tell. 

Still, this is our national security.  While it might be a good political strategy to snatch the warmongering mantle away from the GOP it's a bit unnerving to witness an ever more arrogant quarterback dancing in the red zone before crossing the goal line.  There's still an enemy out there.  Zawahiri and others are still on the loose and we have no idea what might explode in the 'new and improved' Arab Sprung Middle East vis a vis Israel.  If a terrorist attack were to occur tomorrow on American interests--on the Pakistani anniversary of the UBL killing, May 2--how would that go over?  Some of the heroes are a little unnerved.  This ain't politics or beanbag.

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Right Truth said...

Obama has been doing his best to "negotiate" with the Taliban, including Mullah Omar. All that fell through. I guess we didn't bow down low enough or offer them enough money.

We've seen reports that the majority of the cash we send to Afghanistan (and Pakistan) goes directly to some offshore bank somewhere.
Obama's speech last night was nothing more than a campaign event.

"I see a bright tomorrow .." when Obama is gone.

Right Truth