Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Kill Lists and Birthers

Some weird stuff in the news right now.  Zombies in Florida, people throwing their entrails at the cops, porn movies being filmed at the LA Coliseum, Mitt Romney is a unicorn.   Wait, wtf?

Yes, CNN, apparently celebrating their lowest ratings in 20 years, has a story about Mitt Romney being a unicorn:
Call them "unicorners." A liberal group says it has collected more than 19,000 e-mails requesting Arizona officials to confirm Mitt Romney is not a unicorn. Without such proof, the group Left Action argues with tongue in cheek, Romney may indeed be a unicorn -- his dark mane hiding a horn -- and therefore ineligible to be on the presidential ballot in November. The farcical campaign mimics efforts by "birthers," and some top supporters of certain Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, to continually raise the already-settled issue of whether President Barack Obama meets the Constitution's requirements for citizenship.
Fit to print.  Cutting edge stuff.  But wait, it's not just CNN, WaPo also had a story on it and probably others. Clearly they are trying to leverage Donald Trump's recent birther rants against Mittens, rants which are becoming increasingly more interesting in a sort of 'hey, is he working for Obama' kind of way.

But OK, let's have some fun with the Mitt birthers a moment. Some are claiming that since George Romney was born in Mexico, even though he was a US citizen, that makes Romney ineligible for the POTUS because birthers have claimed that Obama's father was a citizen of Kenya and the UK or something.   If they are going to use the parents' heritage argument they are making the birthers' point--Romney's father doesn't have to be born in the US to make Mitt eligible--he only has to be a citizen.  Even if Mitt wasn't born in Detroit he might still be eligible similar to McCain.  That's not the same as having one American citizen parent and another parent who is not.  Stupid indeed.  But the insane frivolity is just beginning.  When you don't have anything else you throw poop.  And sometimes the candidates do, too. 

Speaking of insane frivolity, Farrakhan is making news again. The Blaze has him warning that an attack on the Mullahs, even by Israel, will result in toppling US skyscrapers, evidently by moderate Muslims. Question, shouldn't this qualify him for Obama's kill list?

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