Sunday, May 13, 2012

Nothing But the Truth


That remains the question regarding the person(s) who leaked the underwear bomb plot to the AP.  According to Diane Feinstein, this person needs to be run to ground:
"The leak really did endanger sources and methods," Feinstein said. "And the leak, I think, has to be prosecuted." She said an investigation is being conducted and expressed hope that "criminal charges will go to the Department of Justice."
Not to mention the possible harm to the brave person who inserted himself into the belly of the beast and others who may still be there, or the trust between our spy agencies and their friendly counterparts.

But hmm....she seems quite passionate about it.  Does she know or suspect who it might be?  Perhaps political operatives smelling a Scooter Libby-like witch hunt of a Democrat political operative need to be careful what they wish for. 

Anyway, some questions come to mind based on her comments.  If charges are filed with Holder will they indicate the source agency or entity of the leaker? Seems the request to file would have to come from some official capacity based on knowledge of the possible culprit. Or will they go after the AP and attempt to reverse engineer the source? Could be messy with all that reporter-source privilege and so forth, that is unless the AP isn't really passionate about protecting said source (they know who it is, obviously).   Chances are we'll hear much more about it depending on who it is, but then again, cynicism is well rooted here.

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