Monday, May 28, 2012

Mitt and the Military

ABC News has a hilarious article about the military records--or lack thereof--of the two presumptive presidential candidates, which is really a clever way to bring up the fact that Romney got deferments to miss Viet Nam. But in setting things up they begin with a real howler...

Did you catch it? Yeah no, Obama's uncle didn't serve in the Red Army. That's the only way he could have liberated Auschwitz.  And yes, that's a screen shot, for posterity since it's hard to believe a major news org could execute such a screwup, ie, it may be heading to the memory hole.
ABC goes on to say that Obama has several relatives who were in the military, as if that means something (while not mentioning whether Mitt does or not) before getting to the real meat:
Romney, meanwhile, received a draft deferment because of his status as a Mormon minister of religion while he was a missionary in France. The former Massachusetts governor, 65, later signed up with the Selective Service, but his draft number was too high for him to be called into service.
Time will tell if Axelrod decides to question those deferments, which probably occurred about the same time Ayers was throwing bombs--when Obama was eight.

Ironically, polls show Romney with a comfortable advantage with military folks.  Wonder where Mitt was on Iraq?  Ah yes, the same place Hillary was.  Meanwhile Obama was out today doing his traditional Memorial Day Bush bash, saying he will never send troops into harm's way without a legitimate mission, wink wink, the dumb war is over.   No word on how we're doing chasing Joseph Kony or how his Christianist terror organization threatens America but since it's not a news story maybe it's not really happening. 

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