Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dreams from my Typewriter

It's quite amazing to watch--a Washington Post reporter explaining all the falsehoods in Obama's literary masterpiece while maintaining his slobbering love affair; the New York Times admitting that hey, Obama probably did manufacture some of his racial chops because even his friends at Harvard were joking about it in 1990; and finally, watching the media try to explain why Obama triggered the dreaded executive privilege statute and why Eric Holder has now been held in contempt.  Watchers of the Today show and evening news must be utterly perplexed.

Jack Cashill has been churning out posts at a frenetic pace in response to Maraniss, pointing out that hey--all those falsehoods had already been pointed out years ago--by him.  So why is a left wing media stalwart now confirming them, or at least some of them?

Damage control.  The Dreams falsehoods were going to come out sooner or later; the sooner the better and better in the hands of a mainstreamer than a surrogate from the Romney campaign.  By releasing them now the left can cry that they are 'old news' and 'thoroughly explained' and 'the president has now been fully vetted' when someone brings this stuff up in the fall (before said person is accused of being a racist).  And of course, since Maraniss' book stopped before getting to the Ayers years (presumably) they can still brand anyone who mentions the washed up terrorist as a kook, nut, or conspiracy theorist (before calling them a racist).

But the bottom line is that after 5 years the truth is finally dribbling out in fits and starts, confirming what some of the "haters" had suggested, painting O as a bit more fanciful with the pen than his life would allow.  Meanwhile Marco Rubio has a biography out--the WaPo is already reacted with one of their own, presumably to tamp down any such early attempts at narrative-building for the possible first Latino Vice President. Sounds reminiscent to the dumpster diving done up in "Wasilly".  But at least the curtain has been pulled back slightly to expose some of the flim-flams.  No wonder there was so much gum-chewing down at Cabo. 

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