Friday, June 29, 2012

Liberty vs Security

The president yesterday, speaking about the affirmation of government-controlled health insurance mandates...

"..whose lives will be more secure due to this law and the Supreme Court's decision to uphold it."  

More secure?  Well yes, due to the forced purchase of insurance resulting in the diminution of others' freedoms through taxation.   Back during the Bush years the liberals loved to point to how Bush had trampled the Constitution with his various national security programs, often hoisting up the ole Ben Franklin quote about the vileness of trading essential liberty for a little temporary safety.

It's unlikely that quote will be appearing on liberal blogs and newspapers anytime soon because Bush is gone and besides, most of them believe the general welfare clause allows any program Congress can dream up.  Then again, did the Franklin quote ever really mean what everyone thinks it meant?   Oh well, doesn't matter--it served it's purpose. 

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